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"Baby Cakes" 3 Pairs of Socks Gift Set
It simply doesn't get much sweeter than this! Show her the joys of cupcakes long before she'..
"Baby in Bloom" 3 Pairs of Socks for Baby
Every girl deserves flowers scattered at her feet! Our "Baby in Bloom" socks do exactly th..
"Croc in Socks" Plush Toy and Baby Socks Gift Set (Green)
All the coolest crocs in the Everglades are sporting Baby Aspen's super-cute socks, and thi..
"Hannah Hop-in-Socks" Plush Baby Bunny & Socks Gift Set (0-6 Months)
You're just a hop away from giving the baby gift the others wish they had found. Our happy, hopp..
"Herbie in Hightops" Plush Giraffe and 2 Pair of Socks for Baby
Maybe Herbie's dreaming of becoming a basketball star someday. He definitely has the height for ..
"Mr. Sock T. Pus" Plush Octopus with 4 Pairs of Socks (Blue)
Never before have four pairs of soft, cozy socks been so delightfully delivered! Baby Aspen's ba..
"Mrs. Sock T. Pus" Plush Octopus with 4 Pairs of Socks (Pink)
Oceans of fun and two gifts in one! Baby Aspen's sassy, pink "Mrs. Sock T. Pus&qu..
"Sock Safari" Four-Pair Animal-Themed Sock Set
Monkeys swing! Zebras run! Jungle babies all have fun! Giraffes and elephants join in, too! It's..
"Tootsie in Footsies" Plush Elephant and Socks for Baby
She's a gorgeous gray elephant bearing gifts! It just so happens Tootsie's foot size is the ..
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